This Is here's how to remove the spare tire toyota rush click to zoom
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Review This Is here's how to remove the spare tire toyota rush

Sometimes as a user was so lazy to understand about the car, to how to remove the spare tires do not know.

Though quite 5 easy step how to release the tire serep just 5 minutes serep Toyota Rush and Daihatsu Terios we can let go.

Check it out fine.

Take toolkit of equipment already available in the car.

The first step.

1. Open the logo with a min screwdriver, gently mooring the ground, very easily

2. Unlock the Central lock with the car keys, 2 counterclockwise.

3. Hard cover can not be directly dislodged, because there is rubber elastic lock, open slowly2, after open explosion hard cover safely.

4. There are 3 visible Locks bolts, take the existing L key toolkit, please loosen the bolts 1 by one counterclockwise.

Remove one by one bolt, place it in a safe place.

5. Hold the spare tire with both hands on the left and right sides, then release.

It is very easy to remove spare tires.

Enough with 5 easy steps 5 minutes simply release the spare tire.

Tips for hard cover your car ori safe from the Baret and the logo is lost immediately message right now Free ongkir cover custom tire design throughout the island of Java.


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